About Us

Stonelaw High is a well-established six-year non-denominational school with a roll of approximately 1000 pupils and serves Rutherglen, Burnside and the Toryglen area of Glasgow, as well as parts of Cambuslang.
The school has had a long and varied history which began in 1886 with the opening of Stonelaw Public School.  The original building was extended in 1905 and the name was changed to Stonelaw Higher Grade.  Further changes of name followed – 1919, Stonelaw Intermediate; 1921, Stonelaw Senior Secondary; 1926, Rutherglen Academy.  In 1970, it was decided that the Academy should be closed because of the opening of a new large comprehensive school in the area and that the buildings used for Rutherglen Academy (in Melrose Avenue) and Gallowflat School (in Hamilton Road) should house a four year school to be known as Stonelaw High School.  In 1974, Stonelaw High was upgraded to become a six-year comprehensive.  A replacement school opened in August 1998 and has since been refurbished.
The present buildings are near the centre of Rutherglen in a residential area which is within easy reach of the main shopping area.  The catchment area is compact and was extended a result of school rationalisation and catchment area review.
The school plays an active part in the community and is central to the community in its life and work.
The school has eight associated primary schools – Burnside, Burgh, Calderwood, Bankhead, James Aiton, Parkview, Spittal and Toryglen.