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S1  Modern Languages
I can listen to and show understanding of mainly familiar language and instructions from a variety of sources, where sentences are longer and where there may be more than one speaker.

I can take part effectively in prepared conversations using a variety of language structures and express my opinions. I can prepare and deliver short talks in the language I am learning and use proper intonation and pronunciation.

I can read and demonstrate understanding of texts containing familiar and some unfamiliar language using appropriate resources. I can demonstrate my knowledge and awareness about life and culture in some of the countries where the language I am learning is spoken through my reading. I can select and read texts for interest and enjoyment. I can use my knowledge about language to make sense of vocabulary and show understanding of the connections between words.

I can create, amend  and present information about myself and others or my experiences or topics of interest. I can check the accuracy of my writing using my knowledge of language and appropriate reference materials.