All teachers have the responsibility of promoting the development of numeracy. With an increased emphasis upon numeracy for all young people, teachers will need to plan to revisit and consolidate numeracy skills throughout schooling.
You can download a copy of Numeracy Booklet HERE.  
What is the purpose of this booklet?
   The aim of this numeracy booklet is to ensure young people have a coherent  
   experience of numeracy across the curriculum. This booklet provides consistency of
   terminology and definitions and shared understanding of methodologies.
The numeracy experiences and outcomes have been structured using eight themes;
  • Estimation and rounding
  • Number and number processes
  • Fractions, decimal fractions and percentages
  • Money
  • Time
  • Measure
  • Data and analysis
  • Ideas of chance and uncertainty 

Algebra has also been included, due to the importance of this topic.