Parent Council

Stonelaw Parent Council provide

  • An open and friendly environment where parents can discuss matters of importance to the School.
  • A time when Parent’s concerns can be raised and discussed.

Our Aims

  • Encourage links between Parents and the School.
  • Give Parents a Forum to discuss the education of their children.
  • Give our support to the Head Teacher, Staff and Pupils.
  • To raise much needed funds to enhance our children’s learning.
  • Aim to ensure our children get the best education possible.

Let’S Work Together!
Our meetings are held on the last Thursday each month. If you would like to come along or send us any comments, please contact us via


Thank You for your continued support.


 50/50 Club winners -

  • May 2018 - Mari McVicar and Elaine Aitken
  • April 2018 - Andrew Walker and Azfah Waseem
  • March 2018 - Alison Murdoch and Trish Kent
  • February 2018 - Carolyn Alexander and Rachel Blair
  • January 2018 – Susan Christie and Ailsa McCann


  Meetings Minutes & Constitution

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