Personal, Social and Health Education
Pupil Support staff deliver a period of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE).  This provides pupils with the opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics, including Health Education and Careers/ Citizenship/ ESPD – sexual health and relationship education.

The aims of PSHE are:

A range of teaching methodologies are used to allow pupils to develop skills in discussion, communication, negotiation and co-operation.

Towards the end of S3, the course is directed towards careers education. Pupils complete several tasks which allow them to identify personal skills, aptitudes, interests and they are encouraged to use this information to identify possible career areas.

The information could also be used as an indication for placement in Work Experience in S4.
Pupils are encouraged to set personal targets and goals through PSHE which prepare them for the creation of their S3 Pupil Profile at the end of their Broad General Education.
More detailed information can be found in our Parental letters and Course outlines.

S1 PSHE Course

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