Additional Support Needs

Pupil Support – Additional Support Needs (ASN)

  • Mrs Linda Henderson (PT) -
  • Mr Michael Carr (Support for Learning Teacher) -
  • Mrs J McGee (School Support Assistant)
  • Mrs J Dawson (School Support Assistant)
  • Mrs D McMahon (School Support Assistant)
  • Mrs N Bourns (School Support Assistant)
  • Mrs H Gemmell (School Support Assistant)
  • Mr C Campbell (School Support Assistant)
  • Ms H Paspatas (School Support Assistant)

It is the responsibility of all staff in Stonelaw High School to meet the learning needs of all pupils.

Meeting additional support needs is therefore an inclusive, whole school approach co-ordinated by the Head Teacher. A DHT oversees the day to day
support for pupils with Additional Support Needs in conjunction with the Principal Teacher.

The Pupil Support Team (ASN) works with all subject departments to ensure that all young people at Stonelaw High School make good progress. They
consult with primary colleagues, the DHTs, the Educational Psychologist and Pupil Support Teachers to identify and support the pupil’s needs.  Pupils’ work is supported and monitored throughout first to sixth years. Special arrangements for formal testing and SQA examinations are negotiated and provided using readers and scribes. The PT, together with her team of classroom assistants, works cooperatively with classroom teachers to support identified pupils with their learning.

Progress is always being monitored. The support team responds quickly to issues with learning and behaviour. Timetables are under constant review
and change in response to pupils’ needs as they are identified. The Principal Teacher is always happy to have a discussion with a parent/carer in relation to their child’s progress.