P7 Transition

Welcome S1 

S1 helpful hints 

The current S1 have put together some helpful hints that the think will be useful to you when you join Stonelaw in August. 

S1 Helpful Hints

What does S1 look like in stonelaw high? 

Your new teachers are excited to meet you in August! Until then, they would like to share with you information about their subject and what you have to look forward to when you join Stonelaw High. 

Welcome to Stonelaw High


Pupil Support 

Your Pupil Support Teacher will be a key person for you as you move  through Stonelaw High School. They are excited to meet you in August but until then they have put together a video to introduce themselves and their role within your new school. Click on the link below

Meet the Pupil Support Team


Tomorrow (Tuesday 9 June) we will upload links for you to find out more information on the subjects you will study in S1 and meet some more of your teachers. 

School Uniform 

Introducing your new school uniform Stonelaw Uniform

Our school uniform consists includes: 

  • white shirt
  • school tie
  • black trousers or skirt
  • all black trainers or shoes 
  • all black jumper or cardigan 
  • black jacket 

School ties will be available to purchase from our school office. We are currently in communication with our supplier and will inform you when these are available. 

All other items of uniform can be purchased from local retailers.

PE T-shirts will be available from the PE Department. We will keep you updated on when these can be ordered. 

For more information on our school uniform please click on the link  Dressing for Success


Tour your new school 

To familiarise yourself with your new school click on the link below to take a tour 


We have also created you a map of the school to help you navigate your way as you watch the video -  School map



At Stonelaw High we are aware things look and feel a little different just now. The next few months are an important part of your journey from P7 to S1 and we are excited to share with you what we have planned.  


Many of you have already had the opportunity to visit our school and meet some of your future classmates and teachers at the P7 Open Evening and during the PE and STEM days. However, we are aware that there would have been a number of key events in the coming weeks that you would have enjoyed to help you familiarise yourself with high school life. Therefore, over the next few weeks we plan to share lots of information with you and your family to reassure you and provide you with everything you need to know about Stonelaw High. 


To help you get to know your new school we have organised a number of events, for example: 

Virtual tour of Stonelaw High School (week beginning 11 May) 

Pupil/Parent Stonelaw information booklet (week beginning 18 May) 

Helpful Hints (week beginning 25 May) 

Virtual 2 day visit – get to know your subjects (week beginning 8 June) 


The above information will be shared with you and your family on all platforms to ensure you have all the information you need, and everyone has access to this. This will include Stonelaw High website (P7 Transition page), Stonelaw Twitter (@StonelawHS), parent email and via your primary school app. 


To begin your virtual transition process our current school captains would like to share some of their thoughts about their time at Stonelaw High School and provide you with some advice for starting S1.   


Please click the link -  Welcome S1