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Stonelaw High School

Captain's Welcome


Hi There! 

We have the incredible honour to say that we are your School Captains for this year! We are here to discuss who We are, Our visions of the role of School Captain, and What We love most about Stonelaw.



Hi, This is Christopher.

As you may have guessed, I am one of your School Captains. I’ll be here to help you as much as possible in navigating the School, and having your Opinions heard. If you ever need assistance with anything, I will be exceptionally happy to ensure you get the help you need.

Overall, my Vision of the Captaincy role is to be a point of contact between Pupils and Staff, ensuring that everyone’s voices are heard and needs met. I want to make sure everyone’s journey throughout the School is more fulfilling and accessible to all, and as such, seek to make sure that we can work in an environment where we are all Ready to Learn, Respectful of All, and Safe in our Conduct around the building.

When thinking about what I love most about Stonelaw, the first word that comes to mind is ‘Pupils’. We have all had a rough past few years thanks to the pandemic, which only exacerbated already present stresses. But, as per usual, we persisted and made it through (even if we aren’t fully there yet). The Pupils are the reason I have so much Pride in Stonelaw, especially our friends and close relationships where we can truly rely on each other. When we all come together as friends and peers, we can be successful - even if the path is difficult. 

The Pupils are the reason Stonelaw thrives, and they will continue to be that light at the end of the tunnel - all of Stonelaw are part of that Bright Future.



Hi. For anyone who doesn’t already know me my name is Ellie McNaughtan and I’m one of your school captains for the 2021/22 session. I’m a very outgoing, bubbly person who you can always count on for a chat, I’m really looking forward to working in partnership with everyone involved in school life this year especially as we continue to work in these difficult times. I’m not afraid of hard work and this year especially will present its own challenges, but I'm sure that with everyone's hard work and commitment to the leadership team we’ll manage to make it a success. I’m so grateful for this opportunity in my final year here at Stonelaw, and can’t wait to work with you all as School Captain.

I’ve always looked up to previous captains and saw them as an inspiration, and people who embody our schools message, as a Captain myself, I want to be someone else’s inspiration to take part in all the opportunities that this school has to offer. Besides from being a role model and leading by example, I want to be a voice for all the pupils here and ensure their all equally heard, I want to be a catalyst for more positive change within the school and make everyone feel as though Stonelaw is somewhere we all can be proud of.

I’m proud of the strong sense of community that’s been established within Stone law High School, and within the wider community, I think it’s something we should all be proud to represent, and actively engage in by doing things like contributing to the food bank drive here at school. Another big thing for me is the positive environments that both the staff and pupils here have been able to create inside and out of the classroom, it makes for not only a productive learning experience but the opportunity to establish some great relationships, and receive any kind of support if any of us ever need it.



As your School Captains, We hope we can do some Good for You.

If You need Us, We are always ready to help - all of Us, as a team, are here for You!