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Stonelaw High School

Equity at Stonelaw High School

Why is Equity important?

If we do the exact same thing for everyone, not everyone will achieve the same outcomes. Instead we must tailor our approaches to ensure everyone has access to success. Our support must take a range of forms to meet the needs of all of our learners.

What does Stonelaw High School do to promote Equity?

At Stonelaw we are actively doing what we can to ensure Equity for all of our pupils. This page will update you around all the exciting things that are taking place in and around our school. We hope to positively influence and enrich the lives of all of our young people. 

Equity Updates 

What is Equity?

The Oxford Dictionary definition for Equity is "situations in which everyone is treated fairly". All young people should be treated with fairness, but in order to do this we must treat them as individuals. Within the context of education, Equity is about providing every young person the tools and support that they specifically require, in order to be successful.