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Stonelaw High School

Physical Education

‘Our vision is P.E. Lessons where all children love taking part, make visible progress and are actively involved in their learning, while working together in a respectful, positive and safe environment.’

Department Aims 

  • To provide a welcoming, inclusive, engaging and challenging environment that encourages our young people to achieve their full potential.
  • Develop the physical well-being of our young people through enjoyable, active participation.
  • To raise attainment and achievement of pupils through curricular and extracurricular engagement.
  • To use a variety of stimulating approaches to teaching and learning.
  • Allow our young people to develop and improve their physical, mental, social and emotional well-being.  Create and support enhanced choices to encourage and nurture healthy habits including a lifetime of activity.
  • To develop literacy and numeracy skills within our young people to support pupil-centered lifelong learning.
  • To provide a wide range of courses & activities through a pupil-centered approach which meets the needs and interests of our young people.
  • Create enjoyable and stimulating learning situations to enhance effort and attitudes toward P.E. and Physical Activity.
  • Develop and improve the individual skill and fitness levels of our young people.
  • Developing skills for learning, life and work through increasing confidence, cooperation, organisation and decision-making skills.

PE Curricular Programme

Physical Education Supported Study
Higher P.E.
National P.E.
Every Lunchtime
Every Tuesday Afterschool