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Stonelaw High School

Pupil Support

Within Stonelaw High School the Pupil Support Team aim to play a central role in supporting young people to allow them to achieve their full potential as learners. To achieve this involves strong and effective partnership working between parents, carers and a range of partners.

 The responsibilities of the team and their House groups are listed below:

Deputy Head Teacher Miss Lynch gw11lynchaileen@glow.sch.uk Pupil Support Coordinator & Child Protection Coordinator

Mr Cowan 



Ms Carbery





1A1, 1A3, 2A1, 2A3, 3A1, 4A1, 5A1



1A2, 2A2, 2A4, 3A2, 4A2, 5A2, 5A3

Mr McGowan



Mrs Duffy





1B1, 1B3, 2B1, 3B1, 3B3, 4B1, 5B1



1B2, 2B2, 2B3, 3B2, 4B2, 4B3, 5B2

Mr Urquhart



Miss McKeown







1S1, 1S3, 2S1, 3S1, 3S3, 4S1, 5S1, 5S3



1S2, 2S2, 3S2, 3S4, 4S2, 4S3, 5S2

S6 Pupil Support Teacher Miss Murciano gw22murcianojulianna11@glow.sch.uk 6A1, 6A2, 6B1, 6B2, 6B3, 6S1, 6S2