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Stonelaw High School

Supported Study

 Supported Study - October to December

Attached is the programme of Supported Study for this term. The first supported study provision of the year will run over an eight-week period from Monday 24 October, finishing on Thursday 22 December. The focus of this period will be on supporting young people in preparing for prelims and general progress in their National Qualifications
Supported Study Timetable

 Stonelaw High School Supported Study Provision

Attached is the Supported Study timetable detailing the provision running from Monday 31 January to Thursday 31 March. We have a fully comprehensive overview of all subjects and look forward to supporting learners as they complete their national qualifications. 

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Mr Palombo at the school. 

Download the Support Study Timetable


South Lanarkshire Council Virtual Student Study

Block 2 of the South Lanarkshire Council Virtual Student Study Support begins on the 21st of February. I have attached the learner guides to this email, these guides give information to young people about the programme and how to join sessions when the programme launches. 

This offers a great opportunity for pupils to access online supported study in subjects, in addition to our own in-school provision. 

Download the Virtual Supported Study Timetable 21st-24th February 

Download Learner Info Poster

Download Joining Guide